Animal Clinics of The Woodlands
Trusted Veterinarians in The Woodlands,TX since 1995


At Animal Clinics of The Woodlands, we understand you want to be sure that you are making the right decisions about your dog and cat's health care. Founder of Animal Clinics of The Woodlands, Dr. Rick Wall, promises that your pet will receive the best quality veterinary care during each visit to any of our locations.

Animal Clinics of The Woodlands is a full service veterinary practice located in 3 village centers; Alden Bridge, Cochran's Crossing and Indian Springs. All of our offices use a single computer database, which means that we can serve you and your pet's needs from any of our locations

As a full service animal clinic, we provide the gamut of pet health care services from puppy vaccinations to routine veterinary exams to emergency care, pet boarding, pet dental care, and surgery for animals. For a full list of our veterinary services,
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Please see below for some new links we have added for your convenience.  The first link will allow you to research what other pet owners have to say about us regarding the care given to their pet(s).  The middle link will allow you to request appointments when services are coming due, or if your pet is ill/injured. You can also request boarding, prescription refills, or if you just need to ask a question. Please do not hesitate to use it for whatever you need.  The third link will allow you to order food, including prescription diets.  It takes about 24-48 hours the first time you sign up for food home delivery, but usually only a day or two to receive it.  We believe you will like the convenience of these new links and hope you take advantage of them.  Your feedback is always welcome

Thank you for visiting us here at the Animal Clinics of The Woodlands website, we look forward to knowing and serving you.


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