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Pet Diagnostics & Imaging

Learn more about our pet diagnostic & imaging services below.

Pet Diagnostics & Imaging

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There are a variety of diagnostics and imaging that we utilize to help us determine your pet’s health. Learn more about the tests we perform to provide complete care for your pet.

Veterinary Diagnostics

When it comes to testing and imaging, we take absolutely every precaution to ensure accurate and quick results. This gives us the ability to immediately begin taking care of our patients without losing a beat. In addition to doing a lot of in-house lab work, we also partner with an outside lab Antech, the industry leader in diagnostic testing.


We offer digital full-body, CT scans, and dental radiology. Radiographs are reviewed by a board-certified radiologist.


We offer ultrasonography and are one of the very few practices that ALL veterinarians are trained to do so.

We offer a wealth of diagnostic testing that can be done out of the clinic. This includes:

  • Blood work
  • Urinalysis
  • Histopathology
  • Cytology
  • Cultures
The Importance of Regular Bloodwork

We recommend that pets have a blood screening annually, if not every 6 months. Routine lab work allows veterinarians to monitor changes in the liver and kidneys, and other values, often catching the disease in its early stages. Recommendations can be made for adjustments in diet and medication to slow the progression of the disease. During this time, we can also catch things like UTIs and crystals in the urine before the pet is symptomatic.

Although many owners associate blood screenings as being only necessary for older pets, it is also important for young pets. We can establish baselines for what is normal in your pet and utilize this information to monitor any changes in the future. Our office provides wellness programs designed to take care of all the necessary tests and blood work in a cost-effective way.